Movie Review: Idlewild

Many of you may not have even heard of this movie yet but I bet you will in the coming days and weeks! It is a really entertaining movie/musical. I wouldn’t call it a “full” musical like Moulin Rouge – they don’t break out into song quite as often but it is filled with toe tapping musical numbers and awesome choreography in parts. OutKast, the musical duo other wise known on an individual basis as Big Boi and Andre Benjamin, star in this movie set in 1930’s Georgia. It covers the lives of two childhood friends who grew up on the opposite side of the tracks. They always looked out for one another though. They meet up in the evenings to play piano and sing at “Church” – a night club. The movie has beautiful cinematography! The music is original and very catchy. I heard a movie reviewer call it a “Harlem version of Chicago” and I agree. It was a fun movie, a nice surprise this summer! I think many music lovers would enjoy it. It has the glamour and class of the 30’s mixed with some brand new music for today. The talent of Andre and Big Boi is astounding. Not all singers should or can cross over into acting and these two did a fantastic job in my book. I hope the movie does really well. Shane and I really liked it. Let me know if you see it and if you liked it too!


3 Responses to “Movie Review: Idlewild”

  1. I’ve added it to my Netflix list. It’ll be a while before I see it but someday. 🙂

  2. Totally agree with you. A better flick than I expected it to be! And I was really glad we saw it!

  3. The promos for me really intrigued me. I’m glad to hear a positive review. I’ll check it out sometime.

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