Today is my birthday. I am 29. I thought to honor my last year in the glorious 20’s, I would list my 29 favorite things about this day.

1. I was told by Shane and our friends “Happy Birthday” right at midnight since we were all together for poker.

2. When we got home I found out Shane would be staying home from work to celebrate the day with me.

3. Woke up to a birthday song phone call from my sister “MUSHY”

4. Right after Ashley’s call, I had another birthday call and song from my parents.

5. Shane ran out to get Starbucks and muffins and brought them back so we could have breakfast in bed.

6. We ate our breakfast and watched 2 Friends episodes.

7. I got to open all my wonderful gifts from Shane! He did great this year – he bought me clothes and did such a terrific job!

8. I was able to open some of Ray and Sidna’s gifts too, her “elf” gave them to me. I got the furry boots I wanted and a cool yoga outfit! Thank you!

9. Shane and I headed out to shop together.

10. Shane made me a “Birthday Mix” CD to listed to while we drove around today. It kicked off with Fergie’s new song – YES!

11. I bought the Danity Kane CD since it “dropped” today. That’s right, I support Making The Band!

12. Shane and I ate lunch at Chipotle. Shocking to all I am sure but hey, it is my favorite.

13. Shane told the manager that it was my birthday and we got our entire meal FREE!

14. I got a phone call from Jake to tell me happy birthday – thanks bro!

15. I also had a birthday call from Ray in Dubai! Wow!

16. When I got home from practice, Shane had filled a frame we had for a while with great black and white photos of us.

17. I was also welcomed home by the smell of a lemon birthday cake baking in the oven.

18. I had sweet cards from my G-ma and G-pa, Aunt and Parents this week in the mail.

19. One of my dance team mom’s brought me a gift to practice. And one of the girls made me a scrap book!
20. Shane agreed to take me shopping AGAIN – second time today!

21. I had birthday emails from dear friends durring the day.

22. Shane thanked me for being born today, I thought that was sweet although he should prbably direct that one to my folks.

23. I still have a dinner with Jake, Ashley,Sidna and Shane at the Melting Pot to look forward to Saturday!

24. We had pizza by the slice from Stone Wall and broght it home to watch more Friends and eat dinner at 10pm!

25. I still know of a couple gifts coming later this week too!

26. I also have birthday money that is now burning a hole in my pocket! I can’t wait to buy stuff!

27. The Soda Ban has been temporarily lifted this evening – I stopped by QT on my way home to enjoy a fountain drink with my pizza – I know, call me wild and crazy!

28. I have the best family and friends who try to do all they can to make my day special.

29. I have the most wonderful husband, who gave up his day to make sure he spent it making me happy! Here is to 29! It’s going to ROCK!


9 Responses to “29”

  1. happy birthday Twin. I’m glad you had such an awesome day.

  2. YEAH!! #29!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cheetah!

  3. It was a great day. I had a blast celebrating with you on your birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday a little late! Glad you had a good one.

  5. […] Yesterday was Alli’s birthday. We had a really fun day that was all about what she wanted to do…I really wanted to celebrate her (see a full recap here. […]

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Friend. I love celebrating birthdays and was sad to realize I’d missed celebrating yours properly on THE day. Your special day is now in my day planner, so celebrating #30 will be more timely.
    Glad you had such an awesome day. I promise the 30s are even better.

  7. Happy Birthday you sexy ass, hot mama!

  8. happy bday! (belated)

    I was checking your blog when my iTunes started playing The Beatles “Birthday” It must of been for you. Happy Birthday again.

  9. Late, but still heartfelt…Happy Birthday!

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