Back in the swing of things


Dance team practice is in full swing! We are into our “school week” schedule – Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-6:00 and Wednesday mornings 6-7:30. They also attend a studio class which will be on Monday nights in the fall. They are busy! Our team has actually been practicing once a week all summer long to stay in shape and work on basic technique. It is something new we implemented this year and it worked really well. It also kept the team bonded and it helped routines learned at camp stay memorized. But we are in full swing now. Our first parade performance is this weekend at the Johnson County Fair. It will be good to have them out performing. Dancers practice so long for very few performances in ratio. It is important to be reminded why you work so hard and performing is the best part! Then we kick the school year off with a pep rally on Tuesday. We literally “kick” it off – we are performing our kick routine. Only the freshman are in school on Tuesday but we were still asked to perform at the pep rally. That too will be good to get them infront of a crowd. And before you know it, August 25th will be their first football game performance! We have a great team this year. They are the sweetest girls. We are a very split team age wise. We have 6 seniors, NO juniors, 5 sophomores (although only one is a returning member, the other 4 are brand new) and 4 freshmen. 9 of our 15 are brand new. We feel very young at times, but that is an exciting feeling too because you realize what you are building for years to come. These young girls will be such great leaders for this future team. They work so hard and are very dedicated. I hope we have a great year! I will try to post pictures and keep you posted about performance through the year. We will be competing the first of the year. We have 4 competition routines we are taking this year in the categories of Pom, Hip Hop, Jazz and Open. We also have 9 ladies that are taking solos and our officers are taking a routine to compete with as well. The interest is really growing and I am so excited for them! I really love coaching. It is something I never thought I would get to do and here I am. And with Ashley no less. It has really been a great experience and I look forward to this new year!


4 Responses to “Back in the swing of things”

  1. The “official photographer and videographer” is excited!

  2. just a random hit, shane fan club. i enjoyed your blog. what part of Iowa are you from? I was raised in Iowa City. peace

  3. aweome cheetah-twin. have a great season.

  4. Yay for you. You sound so happy! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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