Ashley and I, with the great help of Shane, have been planning a surprise anniversary party for our parents. They have so many friends down here in the KC area that they don’t get to spend much time with anymore because when they visit for weekends we hog them. So we thought a little party with their friends in our area would be a fun way to celebrate 34 years of marriage. We are hoping on the 35th year, they do something awesome just the two of them, they deserve it.


So we had the party at my house this past Saturday. About half of their friends couldn’t come due to other obligations but it was a great night with those who did. We had so much fun. We had sent out blank cards to friends and family and asked that they mail them back to us with their favorite “Tom and Carol Memory” on it. We then put them together in a memory book (that you see on the table) for them to have forever, to read through and smile about all the great people in their lives. We also had their wedding picture reprinted and framed and everyone at the part signed the mat so they would have special keep sake of the night. Ashley and I were so worried that they had caught on to the surprise. They thought they were in town for a surprise birthday party for ME but it was all a trick. And after seeing their faces we knew they didn’t know!


It was so much fun to do something for them. They never even guessed we would! We all had Taco salad for dinner. We sat around the table and let it sink in, Mom still thought the surprise was messed up and it was supposed to be for me…it took a while for her to believe it. It was great to watch them laugh and talk with friends.


We finished off the tacos and then presented them with their cake. Ash did a great job getting Dairy Queen to make the flowers my mom had in her wedding bouquet – white roses and daises. They both love ice cream cake so we thought it would be perfect and go well after spicy tacos!


After our cake and more visiting, we headed downstairs to watch a DVD Shane made for Mom and Dad. We had a slide show of pictures of them as a couple and all of us as a family. I am sure it was a lot of the “same” pictures for the friends but it was really special to us. I thought a lot about the songs we set the pictures to and wanted it to be meaningful to my parents each time they saw it. It was funny to watch the years pass in those images – wow how we have all changed!


Then we finished the night off with great stories. A recap of the wedding that took place 34 years ago (August 12th) and laughter, laughter, laughter! (Thanks Scott!) It was such a wonderful evening. I hope everyone had as good of time as I did! It was really cool at the end of the night, after everyone was gone, to hear my parents read through their memory book. I could tell they were moved by the sweet words that were expressed to them. They will never know the lives they have touched. I hope they can pull that book out on days they need a pick up and know they have great family and friends who love and support them.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you both so much! It was an honor to work on a surprise like that for the two of you! You are the best! “Love and Sunshine” to you both forever!


2 Responses to “Surprise!”

  1. Mom Arnold Says:

    Thank you so much!!! We have been blessed to be the proud parents of three wonderful children, and at this time…two wonderful grandson puppies. I have always felt that my most important caling…was to be a mother. My children continue to share their lives with us and we are truly blessed by their gifts and joys. Thank you for making me a mom. The party was so nice! The effort, planning, and love expressed will be a wonderful memory I will hold close to my heart. You all share the gift of presence. Dad and I have been blessed over and over as you share yourselves with us. Again…thank you for loving us….
    You are all so very special!

  2. What a sweet, sweet gift to two lovely wonderful parents. I’m glad all your hard work culminated in such an awesome evening.

    PS: Your furniture in the movie room is BEAUTIFUL!

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