Movie Review: Miami Vice

Yea, ok, it was a cheesey 80’s TV show but there are no hurache sandals in this movie! What you do have is Colin Farrell. Long haired, dirty looking, five o’clock shadow Colin Farrell. So there is my review, no wait, that is why I went. The movie itself is pretty average. It wasn’t the nightmare that Jake said it was. Trust me, I have seen a lot worse on Jake’s recomendation. Super Troopers comes to mind brother…

I must say this. I think Jamie Fox needs to thank his lucky stars that he had the chance to star in “Ray” and earn his best actor oscar. If I hadn’t seen that movie I would never believe he was an oscar winner. I have been watching his “post-oscar” films and I just don’t think he is that great. I thought he was good in Jarhead but other then that I am surprised with his performances. But that could be a post by itself – “Over-rated Oscar Winners” I will be doing that one soon.

I think Colin Farrell is a good actor. And I am not just saying that because he is hot and filthy looking. I really do. I find him to be versatile and I like how he chooses different roles each time. I think he carried the movie a lot stronger then Jamie Fox did.

So after two plus hours of watching Colin and his long locks, I decided I would put Shane’s hair in the double ponytail action that Colin was working in the film. They could be twins right?

How lucky am I! Just think Shane, we are almost to this:



3 Responses to “Movie Review: Miami Vice”

  1. I am not even CLOSE to being Edgar…but I’ll keep trying.

  2. Hilarious picture of Shane. What no pirate make-up? Didn’t Colin play Bullseye in Daredevil. That character was freakin cool.

  3. i never said miami vice was a nightmare. all i said was that it was “not good.” and i also said not to take my opinion and see it for yourself.

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