Movie Review: You, Me and Dupree

So I must admit, when Shane and I first saw the trailer for this movie – we turned to each other and laughed. Not in a mean way but we did have siblings living with us 3 of the 6 years we’ve been married. Not really to the level of Dupree but the concept was one we could relate to. So we obviously thought that would be a funny movie – or it could be. I could make that concept funny with my own stories, but I will spare you.

This movie starts off good, nice pace, good cast – you think it is going to sail into Comedy Land of 2006. But it just got kind of wacky for me. It was a little too much The Cable Guy mixed with a little effort to be Meet The Parents and it just wasn’t as good. Not only that, but it didn’t need to try to be other movies – the movie could have stood on its own plot.

I am not a crazy fan of Owen Wilson (I don’t believe that everything he does turns to gold-gasp, I know!) but I really thought he was good in this. Kate Hudson is adorable, like always. And you know she has talent when she has to display chemistry with Matt Dillon. Could we not find a better leading man? I am sorry but he is just so mono tone. Give me Keanu Reeves any day! And then there is the bonus Oscar Winner as the dad; Michael Douglas. Although he was kind of creepy in this one.

Overall, I can say that it was average. I won’t be buying it when it comes out on DVD. I didn’t think it was funny enough to purchase, but then again, I have had my own version of the movie. Ashley and Jake – thanks for the memories!


4 Responses to “Movie Review: You, Me and Dupree”

  1. The fact that Matt Dillon was the one who was nominated out of everyone in Crash is a traveshamockery. He is the worst actor. EVER.

  2. It was not close to being an outstanding comedy and slightly entertainning. Michael Douglas was creepy indeed and added needed acting talent to the film. Although Dillon was really bad in this movie, I thought he was particulary good in CRASH and that the nomination was well deserved. He played a really gross character and did an awesome job of it.

  3. now i will admit that he did a fantastic job in crash, any of the other actors or actresses in that movie deserved to be nominated before him (cough, cough. terrance howard.) probably the best acting i have seen any of them perform. and matt dillon, although it was his best acting, still was not oscar-worthy in my opinion. hell, ludacris deserved it more than him.

  4. if you want a good summer comedy go and see “My Super ex-girlfriend!

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