Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest

Give me Johnny Depp looking dirty with dark eye make-up any day!


This may be one of my favorite characters he has played. He is such a great actor. The sequel wasn’t as good as the first Pirates movie in my opinion, but I still liked it. I think I would have liked it more if we weren’t in the third row of the theater too. There is so much action in this one it got to be a little much that close to the screen. So I will give it a second shot when it comes out on DVD. The plot wasn’t as strong in Dead Man’s Chest but the characters are enjoyable and funny. The scenery is very saturated and rich in color. The special effects of the “fish pirates” were very well done, almost too slimmy for my taste but you know 12 year old boys were thinking “that is awesome! gross!”  The stunts are over the top in a campy way but it makes for a light hearted, entertaining summer flick. And that is what it is…don’t go into this movie looking for an oscar contender. (although Johnny was up for Captain Jack Sparrow in the first one) Go to this movie for a fun night of costumes, special effects and humor. Oh, and don’t forget Johnny!


3 Responses to “Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest”

  1. The effects in this flick were unbelievable. The whole Davy Jones character and all of the CGI done on his crew…amazing.

  2. why do I get the feeling that somewhere in your house there is a pirate costume and dirty eye make-up with Shane’s name on it? aaaarrrrrgghhh

  3. this movie rocks the planet

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