Movie Review: The Lakehouse

Finally! A movie that I LOVED this summer! Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some “entertaining” ones but The Lakehouse is my cup of tea! From the first moment I saw the trailer for this film I had goose-bumps. My hands flew up over my mouth as I gasped at the love story that unfolded in that minute and a half long preview. I couldn’t wait to see it. And this last Sunday, we finally went.

Warning: “hopeless romantic spilling her guts ahead”

It was beautiful. And for all the right reasons. It wasn’t about any lustfull, physical attraction. It wasn’t about the clothes, the cars, the job or the money of the other person. It was a filled with real moments of connection between two souls. It was sharing and conversation about life, family and personal fears. It was intimate through words instead of trashy sex scenes. It was never vulgar or crude. This movie has significant times of sentiment and concern for the other character. The characters are giving and unselfish with their interaction. It was simple; an unveiling of the human spirit’s desire to find its counterpart in another.

Other people may see this movie and say it is too far fetched and romanticized. Some will say the ending is foreseen. But if you hold a soft spot in your heart for soulmates, if you love stories such as the The Notebook – The Lakehouse will touch you as well. Shane and I both really enjoyed it. It may be the love story movie of 2006 – so to all my romantic readers – be sure to see this film.


One Response to “Movie Review: The Lakehouse”

  1. Great review of a good movie. I saw it with friends a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. I love Sandra Bullock (and appreciate how beautifully and gracefully she is aging) and have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves despite his inability to deliver lines naturally. I really liked his character in this one.

    Glad you enjoyed it so much.

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