Movie Review: The Constant Gardner

While at my parents this past weekend, we rented two movies. One being The Constant Gardner. I couldn’t wait to rent this movie. I had heard such a good buzz around it, even before Rachel Weisz won the oscar for best supporting actress. I liked that it was all filmed in Africa, with the “stars” themselves living in tents. No luxuries. It really lent to the feel of the movie. But it wasn’t the “thriller” I thought it would be, or that it claims to be on the outside of the DVD box for that matter. It got better as it went on, so if you rent it, stick it out. It is interesting and filmed with great camera angles and rich colors. It touches on a conspiracy theory close to my heart – that of the Big Pharmaceutical Companies and their ability to control everything; money, countries, governments. I tend to fall in line with the thinking of Rachel’s character, Tess. She is trying to prove an experimental drug is killing people, all the while, the government knows this new drug is being tested at the expense of the African people but it is gaining money for them. She goes too far and we start the movie with the announcement of her death and the flashbacks to show why she upset the “Big Wigs”. Her husband, played by Ralph Fiennes, searches out the reasons his wife is dead. There is good acting and a story line that covers a real topic that should concern most of us past a Hollywood movie. Give it a shot, it isn’t what I thought it would be, but it is pretty interesting.


2 Responses to “Movie Review: The Constant Gardner”

  1. I had a similar feeling on this movie…it definitely took some getting into, but if you stick it out, it almost makes your time worth it.

  2. i gave it about 2 1/2 ):

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