Movie Review: Glory Road

So the second movie we rented this weekend was Glory Road. It was another I had wanted to see. I knew the true story behind the basketball team. It was also cool to hear my Dad talk about watching this game on TV when it really took place. And although I knew all that, I was looking forward to seeing a good sports movie. The night before, my Aunt and Uncle were over for pizza and we were talking about movies and my Uncle posed the question, “What is the best sports movie you have ever seen?” Now, Glory Road isn’t my favorite, but I was really happy with it. It was really good, it was better then some other sports movies. But more importantly, it draws attention to the ignorance that took place only 40 years ago. I hope and pray that each day we take steps closer accepting all our differences.


4 Responses to “Movie Review: Glory Road”

  1. Best hockey movie ever? Slapshot.

  2. Best sports movie – “For Love of the Game>

    I’ve been thing about doing another top ten just for sports movies – but i’m to lazy.

  3. why no posts?

  4. Scott & Susan Says:

    “Happy 6th Anniversary” to you and Shane today, Alli! Congratulations!

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