Ships Passing In The Night

It has been a long two weeks – maybe it is one – who knows, it feels long. I left for Dance Team Camp at Emporia State last Wednesday morning at 8:00am. (again, more on that later) Then Shane left for a wedding in Florida Friday morning at 6:00am. I got home Saturday evening and Shane got home Sunday evening. Then he took off again Monday morning around 10:00am to run into the office before he flew out to Vegas for his design conference. He will be getting home late Thursday night. If feels like such a long time since we have hung out together. I miss him and the normalcy of our lives. At least I have had a busy week with work and mural bids. It has been crazy, which is good. I have had some fun sister time this week now that school is out for her. And Dreyfuss has been the best! He totally knows Shane is gone and he has to take care of me. I was having a hard time sleeping last night and he curled up right next to my head and slept by me the entire night. He is a great watch dog. I would hate being home alone with out him.

If you are reading Shane – I miss you! I hope you are having fun in Vegas! If you have any spare change left over, let it all ride on BLACK!  


One Response to “Ships Passing In The Night”

  1. I miss you so much honey! I miss the normalcy too. All on Black, huh? You think?

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