Movie Review: The Break-Up

Seriously, Shane’s post says it all! So go here and read it. But I want to add a little bit. I just want to enforce (like Shane) that this isn’t a comedy in the same classification as say Wedding Crashers. It is funny – in parts – but it sure isn’t the main thread. It is a movie about a realtionship. I wouldn’t call it a drama either though. Remember Reality Bites? Awesome movie in my opinion. Not a comedy, but it was funny. Not a drama, but it dealt with serious issues. It was more driven my the interaction between the characters and the relationships we all enter into and out of. That is how I feel about this movie. You feel like a hidden camera in the home a couple struggling. They do a great job of keeping a level of authenticity and their “real life relationship” doesn’t hurt the movie at all. I never really even thought about it. What is happening in the movie seems a lot more real then the tabloids. And that says a lot. I think I want to see it again. But one of my favorite things was talking to Shane about it afterwards, hearing the male point of view on what happened. Normally, when you are in an argument you only understand your side, but watcing this movie you get to actually see the two sides and the flaws in each. It was enjoyable to discuss it afterward. But I like that, I like movies that spark talks. This one will do that. See it, see it with your signifiacant other or best friend and see it with an open mind.


One Response to “Movie Review: The Break-Up”

  1. I really want to see this in the theatre, so hopefully we’ll get ourselves out of the apt. and see it!!

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