Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. I wish we could spend the day with her but Ash and I were lucky enough to have yesterday with her. She had been down here since Tuesday night to dog sit for the two of us. Shane was gone at a wedding in Florida and Ash and I had dance camp with our girls so we needed dog sitters and she came to our rescue – as usual! We are so lucky! We never have to send Dreyfuss or Hawkeye to the vet or a kennel. Mom and Dad are always so willing to take care of our dogs. But that just scratches the surface.

My mom is just the best! She has taught me so much about being selfless – about giving of one's self to others. She has taught me about true joy and having laughter in you daily routine. She has shown me what it means to truely be there for family, to support them, love them and care for them. And the best part is how much she loves me. I am so blessed to have a mother that loves me the way she does. I have never doubted that she loves me. I have never had to wonder what her priorities in life are – it is her family. She is the true care-taker of our unit. Always making sure each individual has their needs and wants met along with something special added for surprise. She can warm you with her cooking, her laughter or her hugs. She can invite you into her "chocolate and vanilla scented" home and make you feel you have lived their your entire life and you can't imagine leaving. She finds her meditation moments in her garden among the flowers and butterflies. She still loves my father with all her heart and she gives all she has and more to her children, which include Shane and I am so very thankful for that. She loves angels and candles and potato salad for breakfast. She makes words sound cute, bakes dog biscuits for Dreyfuss and still teaches the young minds of underprivilaged children at her school. She always smells good, can't ever find her keys and always has a purse full of kleenex and change for a drink. She is the greatest lady. My heart is so full today thinging about her.

We really had fun with her yesterday. We had lunch at her favorite place, with her favorite dish: Marc's Chicken. Then we went and had pedicures and manicures together. Mom had never had a pedicure before so it was really fun to watch her enjoy herself so much. She deserved it! Ash, Shane and I gave her a gift card to shop at Kirklands. She loves that store and will have fun. I hope she has a great day with my dad today. They are seeing a movie and going out to lunch. I know she is happy to be home after a full week of dog watching! She must be so tired!

I love you so much mom! Happy Birthday! You are an angel in my life! 


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mom!”

  1. that was a great post – let me pass along my best birthday wishes also.

  2. I think it’s always so sweet and delightful how you can write about your mom. What a wonderful relationship! Happy Birthday to MY birthday twin!! 🙂

  3. we missed you tonight at VBS – see you tomorrow?

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