I take the back roads on the way to Gardner for Dance Team practice everyday. Anyone who knows me well, can attest to my disdain for driving. I will avoid the interstate at all costs. Cars plus high speeds equals high anxiety for Alli. So I opt for the slower pace of the back roads. It takes me on the rural route, nice farms and a quiet you can feel when driving past the land. It is always an easy, peaceful and mundane drive…until today.
Why were there turtles on the sides of the road? In the road? Crossing the road? Seriously! Farmland, in the midwest and we have turtles? Am I the only one who finds that odd? I lived my entire life growing up in Iowa and I can't recall a day that a turtle ever crossed my path. But today, TODAY, four turtles were seen in my short journey to Gardner. I swirved to miss the first one. Passed two together on the shoulder and then saw the last one trying to cross the road in front of my car. And even on an unbusy road like this one, they were bound to be road kill. Why are all these small animals being placed in my path? I can't save them all! I am doing my small part each day but I can't control the trucks that will blow by without even a glance to the slow fellas.

What in the world does tomorrow have in store? I don't know that I am up to saving another animal. Dreyfuss bit Hawkeye tonight for the first time. His canine tooth puctured Hawkeye's little cheek. It was a painful time in our house. Crying (dog and human) and scolding, guilt and anger – all taking place in about 5 minutes. I am exhausted. I have saved bunnies, I have saved turtles. I am trying to save the dogs from killing each other. Can we work on bettering the world in another genre tomorrow? 


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