Movie Review: Over The Hedge

We went and saw Over The Hedge this weekend with my family. We were celebrating Ashley's award of Teacher of the Year and she picked an afternoon of P.F. Changs and the movie. I must say, I was going in cautious. The past few animated movies I had seen (Robots, Madagascar, Ice Age 2) would be given a lackluster label to say the least. With great ones like Shrek, it has been hard to find others that compare. I would place this one in the middle. It is above the three disappointments I listed earlier but it sure doesn't come close to the Disney Classics or Shrek and Monsters Inc. It was funny and I really liked the cute idea behind the entire plot but I just couldn't fall in love with it. I know Shane really liked it and I am sure it will find its way into our "cartoon DVD collection for the nieces and nephews" but it is getting an average rating from me. Maybe a little above average. I also realize I am 28 and the target audience for this film is a lot younger. If you want to see an animated film at the movies right now and Over The Hedge and Ice Age 2 are your options – see Over The Hedge hands down!


One Response to “Movie Review: Over The Hedge”

  1. I LOVE the new theme!

    Your last sentence is perfect. It’s the best of the animated movies out RIGHT NOW, but certainly not the best animated movie (although the soundtrack was pretty sweet!).

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