We Saved The Bunnies

Last night, Shane was trying to mow the yard before the rain set in. It wasn't long until the drops started to fall but there was another distraction. Shane found four baby bunnies hidding in the corner of the fence together. They had wedged themselves between the post and the slats of the fence. I was down in the movie room and Shane came around to the sliding glass door, knocking with disgust in his face, yelling into the glass "We have baby bunnies" while holding up his hands about four inches apart. We both knew their lives would be short lived if we let Dreyfuss find them. Shane decided he should try to move them and I decided I should call my mom to find out "how" exactly we should move them.

We have a field across the street from us and my mom suggested that we capture them (without touching them, just in case them mom bunny could find them again) and take them to the field and put them there together. So I went to the back yard with Shane. He had the "pooper-scooper" and I had a shoe box and we tried to force the little bunnies out of their hidding spot into the box. They were so jumpy that we did one at a time. We captured the first one, walked over to the field and placed him into the grass, crossing our fingers that it wouldn't be a meal for a preying animal. Then we headed back to our yard and captured two at once. When we went back to the field, we couldn't find the first one, but we dropped the two off hoping they would stick together.  We headed back in the rain to gather the last bunny. The bunny fought hard, jumping and running from us for as long as it could but we caught it and took it over to the field. At first we couldn't find the two we just dropped off but then Shane looked down into this patch of taller grass and they were hidding in there together. We opened the box and let the last bunny out right by its siblings. We stood there wishing them all well. Smiling that we had tried to save a family from the jaws of our dog.

We know that the Mommy Bunny may not find them and that they may have a hard time fighting it out on their own. But we also knew they couldn't stay in our yard because of Dreyfuss. And giving them a shot at life was a better option to us then letting our dog out to use the bathroom and have him return with his prize(s). We hope they make it together. We hope that we did the right thing.

Good Luck Bunnies! 


4 Responses to “We Saved The Bunnies”

  1. I hope that they are OK! Let’s hope that they don’t try to return to their temporary home…a big gray mutt might find them!

  2. Isn’t it fun being a rescuer? My parent’s backyard is often times a safe haven for the little rascals. A couple times a season, my dad will take me out back, poke around a bit with a stick and uncover a nest of tiny bunnies. We’ve seen some with their eyes still closed all the way to being ready to leave the nest. Good luck to the little guys!

  3. what’s the difference between a bunny and a rabbit? i once heard that bunnies were pets and rabbits were in the wild. not true?

  4. […] So it has been a long time since I mowed my yard. It was a combination of my serious SERIOUS grass allergy (I hate early summer) and my completely crazy weekend and the recent rain that we’ve had. I TRIED to mow on Tuesday night, but there was the bunny incident and then it rained the following night as well. […]

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