Movie Review: The DaVinci Code

Opening night baby! 10:00pm show – sold out -filled room with anticipation and energy. Will it be as good as the book? Are the critics right? Is the movie going to corrupt the faith of all church goers? (PLEASE! by the way, it is a BOOK, a work of fiction. And what if it wasn't? If we have to hold lectures and informational meetings on how to talk with you kids about the corruption of a work of fiction, the faith wasn't that strong to begin with-that is just my feeling on it)

The movie was good and pretty true to the book. Of the 5 of us that saw it, only Ash hadn't read it so we had a variety of input afterwards. Shane had read it first, so he was the furthest away from it, Sidna and then myself and truth be told, Ray still had 70 pages left on opening night. It was interesting to hear the reviews from our group. Ray thought Hanks was a really great cast for Robert Langdon and Shane and I couldn't stand it. I really didn't like the casting from the start with Tom Hanks but I was on board that night to see the movie and he just didn't deliver for me. I wanted him to, but he didn't. I do feel the rest of the cast was perfect. Just like Shane, I thought Silas was perfectly portrayed by Paul Bettany.

True or not, this movie follows the book well and it is entertaining. And that is what the book is, entertaining. I would hope we have a world of free thinkers, smart enough to come to terms with their feelings on serious topics. People who don't need a lecture to convince them otherwise. I hope we can allow eachother to formulate our own thoughts and ideas and in the end, that needs to be ok with everyone. Out of fear, we don't have the right to conform others. We all have the obligation to learn and educate ourselves in order to stand strong inside our own beliefs. Is this book true or not? Who cares. What matters is what you believe.


4 Responses to “Movie Review: The DaVinci Code”

  1. Well said. And now, Angels & Demons is going to be made!

  2. Excellently written, I completely agree!!

    I’m more excited for Angels & Demons since I liked that book more the Da Vinci!!

  3. i think we are going to see it tomorrow. i hope they come up with a better ending for Angels & Demons .

  4. Scott182 Says:

    I hope there is a twist ending and we find out that the Mona Lisa was really a paint by numbers!!!

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