Two Types of Barns This Weekend

Saturday Shane and I went with Ashley to pick up her new puppy. One of our dance team girl's dog had nine puppies and they are trying to get rid of all of them. They are Australian Shepherd mixes and they are really cute…I mean, all puppies are!


This family lives out on a farm with about 20 horses. When we pulled up the drive I was shocked to see a horse loose in the front yard – just grazing! No fence! Just hanging out. Dogs running all around, horses in pens, ears perked up, watching the suburban Volkswagen Jetta pull into their farm. We got out and went to find our drill team girl in the barn. And what else is she doing but cleaning out horse stalls in shorts and flip flops. She is telling us about taking a trail ride earlier that morning and how she just finished up biscuits and gravy. She took me around and introduced me to all the horses. She even jumped on one bare-back, pulled her dog up too and went for a ride.


The entire time I was thinking about what a different life she leads. Her weekends are filled with chores – real ones, like cleaning out manure and making sure all the horses get their exercise. Nothing at all like what I experienced growing up, I had to do dishes and vacuum. But I find it all fasinating. There is a special feeling out there in the country. Clear skies and fresh air. It is a life of hard work, pride in your land and working with nature and all her elements to provide your food and your income. It was cool to be out there. It is no surprise to me where she gets her work ethic – she is such a hard worker, dedicated and always pleasant. Some call it the "Simple Life" – it really is anything but. I would like to see the majority of us hang out on a farm for a week. I know I wouldn't be scooping poop in flip-flops! More like a full body rubber suit!
Switch "Barns" – we head to Pottery Barn with Shane's parents. Ray was ready to buy furniture for their basement in their new home. It was really fun! I would love to shop there more.. I had the chance to live through their purchase Sunday. They bought beautiful pieces. I am really excited for them to have it delivered and to start decorating! I love to help decorate! They got the sofa, chair and matching ottoman (not shown) in the great "Everydaysuede" that they offer. Those three pieces have the expresso wood trim. Then they got the leather recliner and leather ottoman/coffee table in the expresso. It is gorgeous! I am really excited to see that room come together with their new furniture! I am really happy for them!

Leaving my second "Barn" of the weekend, I think it is safe to say I had a version of culture that takes place in Johnson County.


4 Responses to “Two Types of Barns This Weekend”

  1. I wish we could fill our house with stuff from the Barn. All sorts of stuff I’d love to have there…particularly that DESK.

  2. That’s cool that Ashatron got a puppy. Still seeing the picture of a drill team girl on a horse makes me think back to their terrible T-shirt idea. “save a horse ride a Blazerrette”. I can’t wait to have a house to put furniture in. It wil be really fun to pick stuff out and decorate.

  3. […] I just wanted to wish my mom a late birthday. I got to take her to Sheridan’s for some custard tonight (I had a strawberry-peach smoothie…so GOOD) and give her these sweet pillows that we got them for their new furniture in their basement. Alli picked these totally sweet accent colors to compliment their awesome new Barn furniture that we had shopped for with them. […]

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