Movie Review: Stick It

Sidna took Ashley and I to see this on a "Girls Afternoon Out" a couple of weeks back. We can't help it – you combine the creators of Bring It On, mix in gymnastics (Ashley was a gymnast) and add over the top high school girl humor and you are tractor-beaming my sister and I to a movie. We loved Bring It On so we had to see this. And I think now that we are coaching together we knew we would see the movie in a new way. We enjoyed it, it was fun and light and had little to process. I believe Ash liked it more than I did. It created the world of gymnastics for her all over again. I didn't experience that, but I still liked the "training" side of the moving. I felt the main girl stayed kind of flippant (no pun intended on the "flip") and bratty. I was waiting for her to have the "I have to grow up moment" and "stop being a little brat" but she kind of stayed there. And it seemed to just be ok with everyone around her. I wished that was a little different. When you have a gym full of girls – it is enough work to check the egos and drama at the door. It was a fun movie. It is no Bring It On in my book but it was a good one to see with the girls.


2 Responses to “Movie Review: Stick It”

  1. It would have been nice for the girl to get her comeuppance…we definitely don’t need sassier, more mouthy teenagers.

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