Movie Review: Match Point

This was my very first Woody Allen movie. Shane and I were over at our friends Jen and Elias house on Friday night. They have an awesome movie room and they rented this movie for us to watch. I had wanted to see this movie for a while. I love Scarlett Johansson. Thank you Scarlett for being someone who hasn’t wasted away yet! Keep the curves in Hollywood girl! But I also thought it looked interesting.
I was excited to see it with Elias because he went to film school and I knew he has a totally different appreciation for film makers like Woody Allen. I couldn’t wait to hear his take on it and discuss it.

Come to find out – it was one of the worst Woody Allen movies Jen and Elias had seen! Agh! I didn’t like it either. It was the worst performance I had seen from Miss Johansson. I felt like it had good actors in it but Woody couldn’t pull out a good performance. Some of the dialog was corny and silly and it just kept going and going. I would like to see Annie Hall or one of his other films before I write him off as the crazy man that married his daughter. Oh wait, he is still that, but maybe there is a good movie in there somewhere.


3 Responses to “Movie Review: Match Point”

  1. Anne Hall, Play It Again Sam, Sleepers – see those.

  2. Thanks for the tip Brad. I will look into those!

  3. I can’t stand Jonathan Rhys-Meyers…he was bad in M:I III, but he was downright AWFUL in this movie.

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