Movie Review: Good Night and Good Luck

This is another one we rented. Shane was really excited to see it. I didn’t care either way. I like the “Old Hollywood, Black and White” stylish way it was filmed. It felt glamerous and authentic. I enjoyed learning about a topic I was unfamiliar with. I felt David Strathairn stole the show! He was fantastic in this role! I agree with his nomination this past year, he did a great job. Overall I felt the movie was ok. I don’t want to own it or watch it again but it was interesting the first time arround.


2 Responses to “Movie Review: Good Night and Good Luck”

  1. Out of all the movies that you’ve reviewed, this was my second favorite. Great acting, interesting story, good cinematography.

    Strathairn was awesome.

  2. Scott182 Says:

    The movie was better than I thought. Clooney is a good director. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was good, but I thought the book was better. Yes that is right I can read!!!!! Graceland Education all the way!

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