Green Peppers and Spinach

I have to be the most disfunctional vegetarian on the planet! Why you might ask? Well, for the small fact that the amount of veggies – and fruit for that matter – that I actually LIKE can be counted on my two hands. Let's run through them; carrots, lettuce but only romaine or spinach leaf lettuce – it has to be green, green beans (but only french cut and not frozen) corn, water chestnuts and apples – but they must be crispy. I would eat grapes if they are really cold and really firm but only the red or green ones, no purple. Are you seeing my issues? Texture! Oranges have that stringy stuff and mushrooms are rubbery. And don't even get me started on smell because that is why a lot of the fruit and vegetables are not on the list! Peas, broccoli, watermelon, bananas – oh man do they stink!

So here in lies my eating dilemma. I am not longer eating meat but I don't like much else. So I decided that before I turn into a loaf of bread I would re-try some things. I started slowly. I remembered a pizza I had once that had green peppers on it. I had taken them off but it had left a flavor that I actually enjoyed. Shane and I are cooking a lot more at home and one of the items we make is homemade pizza. I decided I would try green peppers again. So – I got a pepper (green, no red ones) and diced it up. And that is how I have to eat them – very small. (I think I could learn something from Heidi) I don't want to bite into a strip of a green pepper or those circle things some places make. I want the pieces to be small enough that when I take a bite, I am not tearing into anything, they just kind of "sneak" in there. I am not even kidding – I have asked a pizza place before how they cut their peppers before I ordered. Eating with me is not fun folks – ask my husband! But I like the "little peppers." They deliver a flavor as well as give me some sort of nutrition. Which I am fully aware that I am lacking. I am actually shocked I am not suffering from scurvy! Thank God for multi-vitamins!

OK, so I have been doing the green pepper thing for a couple months now and I really like it. They have now found their way into the black beans quesadilla meal we make. I am really pleased with my new friend The Green Pepper. But I can't stop there. I know I must press on. I really want to be healthier! I know that will take an open mind on my part. I am trying. Case in point – last night. We made homemade pizza. And I said "Let's put spinach on the pizza." Shane and I had a pizza a while back in a restaurant with spinach on it and I really liked it. So…we did it ourself. And it was really delicious! I had pizza with green peppers AND spinach! Holy Crap! Am I am growing up or what! I mean really, I am trying. I would like to expand my menu. I have been getting bored with the same old stuff. I fear I may turn into red beans and rice. That is what I eat for lunch almost everyday. Sometimes I splurge and have an egg salad sandwich or hummus on a pita. Hummus…there is another thing. Who knew I liked hummus – I didn't! But I do now! I guess I am not doing as bad as I thought. I would still rather eat Chipotle all the time but I'm not. I can get a lot better but I just need to keep trying things. I am open to any ideas – but broccoli – broccoli is off the option list. I was traumatized by that evil green veggie! But that is an entire post all on its own.

I am patting myself on the back. Green peppers and spinach all in one meal. Good job Alli – one step away from scurvy!


5 Responses to “Green Peppers and Spinach”

  1. This is hilarious…such a funny example of the “vegetarian” that you are. Hummus is something I really thought that you wouldn’t like, but lo and behold!

    We will keep trying new things to expand our menu. The spinach on the pizza was AWESOME!

  2. So funny. I am good with food, there are very few things that I won’t eat, but I’ve done your same method with yogurt. For YEARS I wanted to like yogurt because it’s healthy ya da ya da. I would try it and make an awful face, but then in January I told myself I was going to learn to like it. I tried several kinds and now I really like it. I have it every morning and when we run out, I MUST go to the store and get more. Good job, just keep working stuff back in. I’ve heard this before and I do believe it, our tastes change and adjust as we get older.

  3. Dysfunctional vegetarianism. Too funny. You know, there are a lot of weird veggies and proteins out there that I never tried until I was older. I think this calls for my own post.

  4. I do find it ironic that you are a vegetarian when you like so few veggies. You’re almost an anti-vegite. I swore I hated Chinese food until Sarah had me try it shortly after we got married. I love it now.

  5. pansy. i bet over half of those things you don’t eat (that you tried when you were younger and didn’t like) you would like now. it’s like sarah and heidi said: tastes change when you get older. your fear of texture is all in your mind, and once you get past that, things will change and your menu will have grown so much. good luck, though. until then, i’m still going to keep giving you crap.

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