A Fancy Glass

I went to a wedding shower this weekend for Chelsea. It was a lot of fun and I ate way too many delicious cookies that Heidi made! They were beautiful cookies that tasted good too! And I must say, I would eat those over a cake any day! It was a really nice afternoon but it made me think back to my wedding. As I watched Chelsea open these beautiful cloth napkins from Pottery Barn I thought back to the cloth napkins we registered for…that remain in the drawer still. It is funny, at the time I had just graduated from college and hadn't lived on my own yet. We were moving into an apartment after the wedding. We just walked around Target zapping anything we felt like for our registry. I wish we could register now – for the REAL things you need. And how different it is when you are in a house. My color schemes have changed drastically because I can actually paint my walls and hang things. I wish I could return all the navy kitchen stuff and fill it with the great colors of my fiesta ware. I wish I would have known about stores like Pottery Barn that have a wedding registry. I wish I would have known about all the things we would never use. But instead of living in the past, I decided to use a fancy item this morning. I was getting ready to have a glass of cranberry juice and my eyes went upward to the row of stemware (fancy ice tea glasses). We never use them, I think we did the year we hosted Christmas and that is it. So, I pulled one down. Why not? What could happen – it could break. But what good is it doing sitting up there? So I poured my cranberry juice into it and I am happy to report that I am enjoying my morning juice in a fancy glass. I can't take credit for this original idea. When I was in highschool and I would be getting ready for a big date or a school dance my mom would fix me a soda in one of her beautiful goblets. (I had a slight addiction to Dr. Pepper back then) She called it "The Princess Glass" and she would bring it into the bathroom with a smile. It just seemed to make getting ready for an event that much more special. So on that note – I hope we each have something fancy in our home but most of all, I hope we use it. Let us not be afraid to break out the beautiful beaded napkins or the gorgeous glasses or eat off our china. They are just things and what we are really wanting to experience are the moments. And this morning, I am having a moment with my cranberry juice in a "Princess Glass."


5 Responses to “A Fancy Glass”

  1. Rich Allen Says:

    good story twin. it’s funny how much perspective we have after the fact. We have lotsd of stuff stored away that we received 6 years ago when we got married. it’ll be interesting to see how much of it we use when we get a house.

  2. What a wonderful story. Your mom is a pure gem. Tears are right about to come out after reading how special she made you feel.
    I completely agree with your thoughts. I agree with Rich as well, when we finally get a house it’ll be interesting how much we’ll use.

  3. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. It is a great reminder. I try to do the same. June Johnson gave me this beautiful silver vase one year for my birthday and it becomes even more beautiful every time I use it. My mom gave me a beautiful Waterford crystal letter opener from her travels. I use it all the time. It’s even slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor before…and no damage was done. I hope your cranberry juice finds itself in the fancy glass every morning.
    Love you. Fancy girl. Jewels

  4. You should use those everyday. I think you’re right…they’ve been used one other time. We just have too many drinking containers…so many cups and glasses.

  5. Chels182 Says:

    The simple things in life can make us so happy! I guess it will be interesting to see how much stuff I do use…because right now I’m thinking everything will be out on display if it’s beautiful and I don’t use it, like the napkins….but I’m sure that won’t really happy because only so many things can fit in an apartment! So, I’ll take your advise and use the pretty napkins and try not to be scared of getting a stain on them! =)

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