2 Weeks of Work-Outs

It is Friday. I have completed two weeks of working out with my sister. We made a promise to each other (2 weeks ago) that we would meet at Bally's gym Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 5:00am to workout together. It will help keep us accountable to one another and it will keep us honest. It has gone well so far. Two weeks under our belts and we are feeling good about it. We are lifting together – which is nice, it is better having a female partner to work with then venturing into the "male-dominant weight section" alone. I have also been sticking around for a second hour on Thursdays for the early morning yoga class and I LOVE it! It is a great way to start my morning – I wish there was one every morning.

I am a little frustrated though. In the two weeks that I have been working out I have put on a few pounds. I know I need to give it time and adjust to the change but it isn't what you want to see when you are trying to make a healthy change. And I can't stay off the scale, I weigh myself almost everyday. Some people think that is nuts but it keeps me honest and aware and it helps me stay focused. It also helps me remember the M&Ms I eat DO add up – so stop it Alli!

I had a great cardio workout this morning and I added an extra walk with Dreyfuss this week too. I am feeling better. I just need to stay patient to see results. If nothing else it has been fun to work out with Ash again, it is like we are back on a team together. That is the best part. That and how fast I fall asleep at night.


3 Responses to “2 Weeks of Work-Outs”

  1. I weigh myself every day too. Ugh.

  2. You’re not gaining weight, you’re gaining muscle. Don’t get discouraged! Your feeling better and sleeping better are great results. Concentrate on them rather than the weight and everything else will fall into place.
    Cheers. Jewels

  3. Great job. I am also starting to work out. I walked Friday night and Saturday morning. I’m not liking how my pants fit (how tight they are sometimes) so I’m making myself promise myself to start walking. I’m working on getting to bed earlier so I can get up 3 times a week before work and walk. When I was pregnant they told me I needed to exercise and I was never able to get there, so now I’m working on it.
    I’m glad to hear you two are getting up and there by 5:00, it makes me hurt!! 🙂

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