Movie Review: Take The Lead

My mom was in town last Friday. She had the day off from school and she came to town to spend the day with her girls. We went to an early show together. It is hardly ever just the three of us so we took advantage and picked a movie the ladies would like. We saw Take The Lead. We picked it because we all love dancing so much. It goes without saying that if a movie is made about dancers, (Center Stage, Save The Last Dance) we will see it. We also religiously watch "So You Think You Can Dance" when it is on TV – it is returning in May for the second season by the way. And of course "Dancing With The Stars".
The best way to enter "these movies" is to go ready to see some great dance scenes. It is very possible the story line may be weak or predictable but go for the dancing. But this movie was based on a true story of Pierre Dulain. He was a ballroom dancer and teacher that took his lessons into the New York public schools to help the students. He became the positive outlet for students who didn't have anyone believing in them. He taught them about hard work, never giving up and trust. I liked knowing this was a true story, that a man really went in and used dance to make a difference in the lives of others – it taught them life lessons, not just dance ones. It has some great one-line statements about people, faith in others and respect. And most important (for me in this movie) was the great dancing! It was entertaining, had good music and it made me want to take a dance class.


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