Movie Review: Thank You For Smoking

AMC theaters has done a very cool thing! Any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday movie before noon is only $4.00! That is the price of renting one! Shane and I were excited to tryout this new offer (remember – we are movie dorks!) So we took our eight bucks to the theater this Saturday to see Thank You For Smoking. I have to be honest – it caught my attention in the previews a while back but it wasn’t one I was jumping to see. Shane really wanted to see it and for $4.00 – I didn’t mind.

It was strange, as Shane and I went up to the ticket window and Shane said “Two for Thank You For Smoking” I felt this wash of guilt come over me, maybe not guilt, maybe more like the eyes of everyone behind us burning a hole in my back. I just wanted to turn around and say “I don’t smoke, really, I don’t!” And I don’t, I honestly have never even tried it. I don’t feel I pass a harsh judgement on the person who does. I don’t agree with the act for the pure health reason but I don’t feel hostile towards the smoker. I am sensitive about the topic, I have an uncle battling lung cancer right now. But I try to seperate the act from the person on this topic. And yet, I felt so ashamed to buy that movie ticket for about…four seconds.

That feeling passed. And we went in for our afternoon, $4.00 dollar movie. The main guy, Aaron Eckhart, is not an actor that draws me to movies. I don’t really have a feeling about him either way. I like William H. Macy, Maria Bello, and Katie Holmes.   Robert Duvall is good too. It is an interesting movie. I like that it had something intelligent to say. I like that it wasn’t completely predictable or Hollywood fluff. I enjoyed the humor, the satire, and the possibility that it delivered a message about the dangers of smoking in a way that didn’t feel “preachy”.

I also found myself thinking Shane would make a great lobbyist. That is what Aaron Eckhart’s character does in this film. He is a lobbyist for big tobacco. Shane could totally do that job! He has the gift of gab, he loves public speaking and being with people and he likes to be right on the topic being discussed. Too bad he isn’t morally bankrupt to look a cancer patient in the eye and tell them cigarettes won’t kill them. Even on a topic he could believe in, it is all bought and political and he couldn’t live with that. But man, he would have been so good at that! I even tried to talk him into it after the movie. Obviously, I should NOT be a lobbyist.

If you are in the mood for something different, go see this movie. It is a nice change of pace – at least it was for me. It is funny in the ways it should be. It isn’t too long or short. The points are made, politics addressed and humor delievered.


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  1. […] Saturday morning, I woke up and caught the early Lucky Number Slevin with Brad and Scott. Alli mentioned AMC’s $4 before noon deal that they have going on…I was too glad to oblige as we arrived for our 10:30 movie at 10:25. […]

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