Movie Review: Inside Man

Shane and I went to see a movie Friday night. I had been in the house all week sick and Shane knew it would be good for me to get out. We are big fans of Clive Owen so this movie had been on our radar for a while. Along with Owen, this movie was stacked with accomplished actors; Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Willem Defoe. When a movie holds heavy hitters like that, I assume that the script must be brilliant! There has to be some reason all these talented people would sign on to this paticular project. Or maybe it is the director of the film that attracted them. The bad part of this is that I enter in with Oscar expectations. This usually leaves me feeling I saw an above average film but wasn’t left with a film to slide into my top ten. This takes us to Inside Man. I liked this movie but it felt so average to me. I kept waiting for the “great part” to happen. But I think it may be the way it was filmed – it was a Spike Lee film and it felt so 1970’s good cop / bad cop TV series to me. Even the score felt dated and that just made it worse to me, I think the background music is huge. I did however enjoy Jodie Foster’s role as a departure from her normal roles. She looked sexier and used her female power to dominate her mostly male counterparts. She just looked different, sounded different. It was nice to see her like that from her more recent “Panic Room” types. While I am still a huge fan of Clive Owen I felt they wasted the pay check. He is covered in a mask for 90% of the movie – half of which he acts by his posture without saying a word. So tell me why it mattered who that was? Yes he is great, yes he has a sexy accent and sruffy, handsome face but we didn’t get to enjoy it. I guess his name on the credits worked as enough of a draw. And then we have Denzel – who (like so many) has yet to top his Oscar performance in Training Day. He was good. And honestly, the crappy music that was always “do bopping” around him in his scenes probably made it seem worse. But he just didn’t have the intesity he’s had in the past. Willem Dafoe, again, it didn’t even need to be him. He wasn’t used enough to matter, he could have been, that would have created a nice little sub story but no. Waste of a good actor.
It was good. Shane liked it a lot more than I did. My advice…rent it.


One Response to “Movie Review: Inside Man”

  1. Now that you put it that way, I agree with you to a certain extent. I certainly WANTED to like this movie more than I did. I don’t typically like Spike Lee joints, but I did enjoy this one. Perhaps because it was a little more mainstream than his others.

    Clive Owen should be the next James Bond. Discuss.

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