Home Sick

I have been home sick the last two days. It is funny, the first day I felt the worst but was able to enjoy my day of naps and TV the most. And then there is today, day two. I am feel a little better but not well enough to get something productive done around the house and yet the idea of watching more mindless TV makes me want to scream! I tried reading and sleeping. I even changed my location to see if laying down some place new would make me feel less irritable – but it didn't. I am still achy enough that I can't get comfortable or relax. And when you can't work and you can't relax, you are just stuck in the world of useless!

I started thinking about being sick as a young girl. My mom and dad were so attentive. They always joined me in the bathroom to hold my hair away from the toilet or handed me a cold cloth to help the fever. I always had a glass of something to drink and an offer for some "comfort food" as my mom would call her mashed potatoes. And I mean real potatoes, not the crap in the box. I don't even have potatoes in the house right now! But I do have an awesome husband. Shane ran home durring his lunch hour yesterday with some "sick gifts" for me. (I will spare you all the details) And this morning he got me a cold cloth to lay on my forehead as I tried to relax enough to fall back asleep. It worked.
Shane really is the best. Not to mention I can't be the prettiest thing for him to be living with. But he is really good to me when I don't feel good. Although I bet he is glad he has a meeting tonight – a little less time with the sick, crabby wife. I really just want to feel better. I want something to sound good to eat – without making me sick later. I want my head to stop pounding and I want to be able to sleep. But my body is telling me otherwise right now so I need to listen and just try to rest this flu bug out. Hopefully it isn't much longer!


3 Responses to “Home Sick”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. I completely know how you feel. It’s awful when you don’t even feel good enough to lay down. Sick=dreadfulness! Love ya. I hope you start feeling better very soon!

  2. My darling, Alli-

    Sorry you’re feeling awful, my maternal advice is find a liquid you can keep down and drink it like there’s no tomorrow. Flush all that yucky stuff out!

    Love you.
    Julie M. Molasses

  3. I hope you start to feel better soon, Alli!

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