Book Review: The Wedding

This post is long over due. I have had this book finished for over three weeks but haven't had the chance to write yet. If you have looked over the 100 Things About Me page, you would know that The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is my favorite book. I was really excited to read The Wedding because it is a follow up to The Notebook. The main character is the daughter of Allie and Noah, the romantic couple that The Notebook is all about. She and her husband have been experiencing rough times in their marriage and the example of true soulmates Allie and Noah are serving as the inspiration to place the love back in their lives.

    At first, I didn't think this book could live up to The Notebook". I couldn't imagine I would like it as much as everyone else that had read it did. But I was pleasantly surprised. The Notebook still remains my favorite of all time but this is a beautiful story of renewed love and a fresh injection of romance. It isn't afraid to shine the light on what happens after 30 years. What happens if people stop working at their relationship, if they stop trying to surprise the other person, if they stop placing the needs of their partner before their own. This book shows the reality of wear and tear but instead of letting it ruin them, it is turned into the ultimate challenge of falling in love again.

    I think this story would appeal to the soft hearted romantics. Those who believe in true love, in marriage, in fighting for relationships will like this book. I think Sparks is at the top of his game again – so much so that you wonder if this story came from his real life.  I know that some of my friends that have read it say it is their favorite book of his. I really think Sparks' readers will enjoy this book. I won't give it away but I will quote my sister and say "When you get to Thursday you can't put it down. Everything starts happening on Thursday. Thursday is when it gets REALLY good!"


One Response to “Book Review: The Wedding”

  1. I loved The Notebook, but for me I loved The Wedding even more. I can’t WAIT for this movie to be made. I just hope they don’t mess up the story too much. I love that a man wrote these BEAUTIFUL love stories!!

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