Back Home

It is amazing how the unexpected really throws you off. I know that sounds like common sense but I have had so many people ask how my trip to California was – but not in a "so sorry for you loss" way but in a "fun! sunny California" way. But I didn't have time to even register it as "fun". All the sudden I was changing meetings, finding a fill in for our senior high activity, letting my sister know she would be coaching solo for five days and letting a local high school know they needed to find a new judge for their dance tryouts. Now let me be very clear, I didn't mind doing any of that. It was my pleasure to go out to CA with Shane and his family to support Aunt Paula and the family. It just really showed me the fragile balance of life and how each life effects so many others.

As Shane has shared in his two posts, the support for Larry and Paula was fantastic! I was so moved by the amount of people that came out. Those Sunday morning car shows had become their "church" and these dear friends were so sad to say good-bye to one of their "brothers". He was loved and admired and it was obvious when it came time for anyone to share, that Larry made everyone feel important, he helped them and most of all he made them laugh. And as the weekend went on, my admiration grew and grew for his sweet wife Paula. What a woman! She displayed strength and grace…I just can't even imagine losing Shane and I can only hope to be able to handle it in the way Paula showed me. What a beautiful woman!

In the midst of the memorial, it was so nice to see Shane's family. I really enjoyed catching up with all of them. I am from a big extended family so I think the numbers felt comfortable to me. I liked having everyone gathered into one room, laughing and talking. I enjoyed seeing the younger cousins – realizing they aren't that young anymore which in turn means I am not either. I enjoyed having the time with Shane's immediate family as well. It was great to have Ray around. He did the service and it was wonderful. I also had lots of fun with Jake. He is such a great "brother" to me. And Sidna…another woman of strength and grace in my eyes. She lost her oldest brother but you would have never known her own grief. She was at Paula's side, comforting her. Those two women taught me a lot this past weekend. Here is a pic of the three of us in Paula's hot rod.

Girls Car.jpg

So to all those who are asking, it was a good trip. It was rich with family, conversation, tears and laughter. I am so thankful I had the chance to go out there. Here's to you Larry! I hope you are drinking all the 7-11 sweet iced-tea you can! You deserve it!


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  1. What a great post, honey. I’m so glad that you were able to be there with me and to support my family. I love you!

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