Shane’s Uncle Larry passed away yesterday after a three year battle with cancer. He is a very special uncle to Shane and Jake and I am glad I had the chance to know him.

When you get married, I think you envision the parts of your life you will enjoy going through with your partner – the holidays, the birthdays, the promotions, etc. But I have found it’s the events that challenge you that help you find out what you are made of as a couple. It is the job stress, the health issues, the loss of loved ones. You never want to experience the loss of family and friends nor do you want to see you partner go through that individual grief either. It is something that really reveals one’s character and I must say that my husband never stops amazing me. In the midst of all his hurt he has shown grace and strength. When we got the news Saturday night that Larry was in the hospital asking to go peacefully, Shane was able to collect his thoughts and speak about the life of his Uncle on Sunday morning in his sermon at church. When we got home, he went to the side of his mother knowing her brother was very ill and that Ray was out of town so he needed to be there. On Monday night we got the call he was in a coma and Shane stayed up until midnight working on a new brochure for my business knowing I needed it for the following day. And Tuesday…the morning we got the call Larry passed away he finished a day of work, found the plane tickets for the entire family, went and had my brochure printed (and proceeded to fold 500 of them) and then after work he accompanied me to Bartle Hall at 8:00pm so I could do a faux finish for the model home in the KC Home Show. We were there untill Midnight. He helped me and stayed with me so I wouldn’t be down there late on my own. Never once complaining about anything or showing the stress of the day. Never once making anything about him.

Through trials in life I know we grow stronger and find out our true resilience. Although I knew the devotion and character of my husband before, my adoration of him spills over today. In a time of loss, a time I know I would be in a crying mess unable to function, he has stepped into a roll of his very own motto: PERSEVERANCE. I know Shane is honoring his Uncle’s life. I know he is trying to do everything he can to be there for everyone. I hope he knows I am his shoulder to cry on should he need it in this time. I wish “Thank You” felt like enough to say for all he has done and kept together in the past 24 hours but I know it isn’t. But I want to say it anyway. Uncle Larry would be so proud of you Shane.


2 Responses to “Loss”

  1. Thanks honey…that really means a lot to me. I sure do love you a lot.

  2. The tears are falling. What a wonderful tribute to your husband, and Shane, you never cease to amaze me with your care for Alli and her passions.

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