Drinking Fountains

This past week I have been doing murals at two elementary schools in Gardner. The first school was like a ghost town with all the kids gone on Spring Break. (Which by the way I feel is a mean concept to teach young people – Spring Break isn’t real after graduation! Don’t think this free week presents itself each year from here on!) Anyway, so I had a quiet location to work at Monday and Tuesday. I finished up that mural and moved on to the next school for Wednesday and Thursday. Needless to say it was anything but quiet at the second location. Johnson County Parks and Rec. had a program there all week for the kids who still need daily “daycare” when school is out. It was one of those times I was truly thankful for my ipod and the ability to drown out ambient noise. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love making murals that make children happy and help color their school. But the constant screaming – what is that about? Why when they are playing in the gym, running around, do they have to scream at the same time. It was like, if the legs are moving the voices are blazing! I couldn’t believe it, I don’t remember running and yelling all at once. But that gets me to my main point, with all the screaming and running, they became very thirsty. The kids would run out of the gym over to the drinking fountains that were right across from where I was working. Sweaty boys mostly, trying to get in line first. What is it with kids french kissing the water fountains!!! I mean, who teaches them that the only way they will get any water out is if they try to eat the entire spout? I had germ issues before and I never use a public drinking fountain as it is, but seeing this was enough to make me gag. I think there should be a health class for young elementary school kids. Wash your hands after using the bathroom or sneezing, keep your face at least 4 inches away from the drinking fountain, the water will come to you I promise, don’t pick your nose, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. I know I don’t have kids and all you moms are probably laughing at me and my weak stomach but c’mon! Do you know how many kids are swallowing the water that comes from the very spot the kid right before them licked! Gross! No wonder they are sick all the time.

It just fascinates me. I know I didn’t get the teacher gene like my mom or my sister. I know I am not on the path to mommy-hood. I also know enough about myself that I need peaceful moments in the day. I don’t think I could cordinate young kids and their activities all day, the screaming, the running, the lack of concern for germs. It is just too much for me! Here’s to you moms and teachers! I wish to buy you all anti-bacterial soap and disinfective wipes.


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