Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice

Maybe I was too excited to see this movie. Maybe Keira Knightley’s best actess nod set my high expectations. Or it could be that it is a famous love story by Jane Austen and I just thought I would fall in love with it as well. I didn’t.

I didn’t hate it. I liked it fine, not one I want to watch over and over again. It isn’t one I think everyone would love but it was average. The scenery was beautiful, as was the score. But I can’t stop thinking about Keira Knightley being nominated for best actress for this movie! I know I have a love for Gwyneth but honestly her performance in Proof was very over-looked if this is what bumped her out! I would put Claire Danes in Shopgirl above Keira’s performance. I am not saying she did a bad job, she didn’t, she was fine. But aren’t the Oscars picking the 5 that are “more” than fine? I know each year there are movies and actors that are missing from the “best of” categories but I must say that I was really shocked at how average the entire tone of this film was and it still earned a Best Actress Nominee. At least the statue went home with the deserving leading lady this year.


One Response to “Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice”

  1. I totally share your sentiments. It was OK, but certainly not as good as everyone made it out to be.

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