Movie Review: Eight Below

Ok, Ok, say what you want, I don’t care! This movie is great! Forget Disney, forget Paul Walker and set aside your fear that the dogs’ mouths are going to move as if they are talking because they don’t. (thank goodness, that is creepy!) Just open your mind and see this film. It is really good. Yes, it is a simple plot and yes there are areas that seem a little “feel-good” or predictable but it is really nice to leave a film happy with the money you spent on it, or should I say that my mother-in-law spent on it. Thanks Sidna! I am an animal lover so this type of film really touches me. Not only did I cry from the middle on but I found myself thinking, if we were only more like these dogs! Seriously! The loyalty, the friendship, the determination to survive and the dedication to one another, all qualities I saw in these 8 dogs. It made me wonder would 8 people stuck in the largest snow storm persevere with the same grace these dogs did? Would they make it alive?

I know many of you may laugh at this post, or even that I went to this movie but it really is a touching and heart warming film. One you would feel good about a family seeing together. One kids and adults will learn from and enjoy on different levels. It really is a lesson of life, of friendship and of courage. I won’t give away the ending. But I will say I loved the movie, I hope to see it again and in the mean time I encourage anyone and everyone to see it.

That night, Shane and I went home and cuddled with our dog. He rocks! He is lucky we didn’t have a sled – we may have hooked him up to it and went riding around the yard!


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