My Oscar Wrap Up

I know it has been a couple days but I still wanted to write about the wonderful night that is the Academy Awards! Shane is right, it our Super Bowl night! Over all, I was really pleased with the awards that were given. I really wanted Reese to win and she did. I really wanted Crash to win best picture and it did. I did not see all the nominees but of the ones I did see this year, it really deserved the win. It is a fantastic movie. It is nice to see movies that make you think, that cause you to question yourself, life and your thoughts. It is refreshing not to always see a movie that is dumbing you down or simplifying love or life but rather taking a risk at exposing flaws. I thought it was great. I like movies that make you want to talk about them long after you leave the theater. I just like movies, so I love the Oscars!

But to be honest, I love the red carpet before hand. I don’t know why. I think it is wierd that I look forward to see what people I don’t know will wear to an event I will never be at. But I can’t help it! I love making a day of the Oscars. It could be that I have an honest appreciation for all things beautiful. I love the colors and fabrics of the gowns, the hair, the make up and the jewelry…ooooo the sparkly stuff! Here were my favorites of this year.


I love the color! I love the risk of the orange and the olive green. I loved the shape and flow of Selma’s dress and over all I thought Uma looked regal. These favorites are just based on the dress and make up, it isn’t that I love these woman as actresses but I liked their fashion that night. These really stood out to me. But you also had the ones that stood out in a bad way. Here are my bad picks.


I know picking Nicole will not be popular with all of you but I felt she looked washed out. I would have liked to see a little more color on her. For some reason, Uma pulled the pale color off better for me. Charlize, way too much babe! Same for Naomi, she is too small to carry all that mess. And well, do we really need to say anything about the other? Helena is usually a miss.

I think with the understanding that Hollywood is into starvation and fake hair, then all the other ladies landed in the middle for me. I do find myself interested in these dresses with pockets like Sandra Bullock had on…I would like one of those. I hate purses and always need a place for my lip gloss. It is genius! I saw Rachel McAdams wearing ones of those a while back, very cute!

Here’s to a great awards season! I can’t wait for next year! I wonder what Gwyneth will wear…



2 Responses to “My Oscar Wrap Up”

  1. “Oscar Night – The Super Bowl for Movies”

    I think I just created a new marketing campaign for the Oscars…what do you think?

  2. love your picks. i contemplated putting Salma on my favorites list, but it was getting too long!

    i also loved the pockets on some of the dresses. i kinda liked the pocket dress Amy Adams wore, but I thought the skirt was too poofy, so it didn’t make my list!

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