You have got to be kidding me!

Last night we had our Dance Team tryouts. (more on that later) Naturally, we can’t take every girl that comes to the tryout and there are cuts every year. A mother of one of the girls that did not make it called and wanted to talk about what her daughter needed to work on for next year. The Athletic Director is very involved with the dance and cheer teams and tries his best to keep everything functioning with minimal drama, and anyone who has been on, seen, or heard of those teams knows it is a tough goal. He comes to the tryout and calculates the scores of all the judges then enters them into his computer which in turn calculates the scores and shows where the natural break is. We bring in outside judges and Ash and I don’t judge at all. After the scores were entered into the computer we didn’t see the need to hang onto the score sheets. All the info from each of the four judges was plugged into the computer so why would I need 80 plus sheets of paper? So being that Tuesday is trash day at our house we got rid of them. Well, it was later suggested, and by later I mean past the point of last nights pizza being dumped into the trash on top of the papers, that we keep the score sheets for a while. So my sister calls me…and I say, “OK, I will go out to the trash and look but if they are covered in gross food and muck I am not digging them out.” Deal. So I bundle up because it is so windy today and head outside to be “that person” that is digging in their own garbage. It is an awesome feeling to wave to your neighbor just before you start opening the week’s worth of garbage bags. But I did it. I am committed to my sister as a coach, to these girls on the team and the program itself. And anyone who knows me and my “germ issues” and “food issues” knows what a huge deal this was! YUCK! However, I was pleased to see the papers near the top. Some pizza sauce was on the edges but it looked like I could save them. I noticed some papers that were really wet, I looked closer and saw they weren’t the score sheets so I was trying to seperate them from the ones I wanted. At that moment, I was transported into a movie scene. You know it…you know what is coming right?!? Here comes the perfectly timed gust of wind to blow EVERYTHING out of my hands! My head followed the direction of the papers and all I could see infront of me was a tornado of score sheets! They went flying all over, down into the yards of my neighbors, into the street, over to bushes! CRAP! I take off running with the intensity of life or death, I mean you would think these were secret documents or personal files or something the way I was running around like a mad woman trying to stomp down on one sheet while jumping up to grab another. I have no awarness of cars or others in the road I just start scattering every which way. The entire time I am cursing the mother that wants to know the comments of the judges…I could have just told you! But now, I have a neighborhood filled with papers! I am mortified because I have a neighbor watching and dogs barking letting me know I am too close to their yard. After I think I have all the papers I can see, I head back to the garbage bag to close it up because I left it in such a hurry. As I am trying to tie the bag with my arms full of crumpled paper…well let’s just say multi-tasking doesn’t always pay off. A smaller version of the above happened again. At this point I am cold, I am winded from running all over the place (twice) and I am pissed that I am out here even bothering with saving this stuff. I had half the mind to let the wind take all the papers and hope it ended up on the front doors of any and all of the mothers that had questions. At the rate the wind was blowing, it would have been there in no time.

Today’s To Do List:

  1. Exercise – run around like a crazy woman in hopes to be the new talk of the street check
  2. Community Service Project – clean up my own liter of papers in neighborhood check
  3. Watch less TV – who has time, I am too busy being an idiot outside check
  4. Take a risk – see how close you can get to the two labs that want to eat me and the paper for breakfast check
  5. Look on the bright side – at least it hadn’t started raining yet check

I am tired, I think I will wash my hands all day long and I am not going to press out the wrinkles in the papers! I have done my work for the day, lowered my self to running after garbage in the streets and feel a nap in my future.



2 Responses to “You have got to be kidding me!”

  1. Now THAT…

    …was funny.

  2. That was funny, but oh so sucky for you!!! You are a much better person than I am…I would have not bothered to dig in the trash in the first place. I guess that\’s why you are good and I am bad.

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