I keep forgetting my dog!

What is wrong with me! Good thing dogs have an unconditional love for their owners because I have been a nightmare this week while Shane has been gone. With the nice weather this week, Dreyfuss has returned to his request for some “Deck Time”. We don’t have stairs off our deck so he can’t go down to the yard but he loves to lay out there and sun himself. So I let him out yesterday and went about my cleaning. As I was downstairs gathering towels for laundry I started wondering where my dog was. I checked all his usual places, the couch in the basement, the spot in our bedroom where the morning sun comes in, any trash can and I couldn’t find him. And then I heard the noise…the noise of the poor animal that had been left outside too long and taught himself to scratch at the door. When I opened the door I saw he had taken out his abandonment issues on the few pots I had left out there over the winter. Soil is now EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t be mad, it serves me right, he was probably trying to dig himself to a new home that would let him in. Then early this morning he was running around the yard like a mad man and wouldn’t come in when he was called (this is a new issue we are tackling) and so when this happens he goes to his kennel. If he comes when he is called he gets a treat, positive reinforcement right! Wrong, he didn’t care this morning. My sister ran out trying to get him and he just ran laps around her. So he was going to his kennel. So we go about our morning, Ash is getting ready to leave for school and we are chatting and all the sudden she says “Should I let Dreyfuss out?” Crap! I forgot all about my dog! Seriously! The kennel time is to be short, not like an hour and a half! Had she not said something before she left for work then I would have left him in there until I heard him cry! I felt terrible…but it doesn’t stop there! I went on to do more cleaning and let him outside to go to the bathroom. I went up to vaccum and put some stuff away. I fixed a cup of tea and sat down to check my e-mail and read my blogs. I was watching Sasha Cohen on Regis and Kelly and heard a noise, and I am on noise patrol since Shane is gone. “What is that?” I sat here and wondered. And then I sat a bit longer. I heard it again. Crap! My dog has been outside! So I ran down to let him in.

Now I know most of you are thinking, “Big deal, he is a dog, he can be outside” but the issue here is two fold;

  1. MY MEMORY! What the heck is wrong with me! I know my Dr. warned me about not eating red meat and how it might effect my memory but come on! This is crazy! It isn’t about the outdoor conditions hurting my dog, it is my lack of compassion to remembering his existance! Thank God I don’t want kids! I would never pick them up from school!
  2. My dog is an “indoor dog”. Yes, he is 95 pounds but he thinks he is a lap dog. He likes to be indoors and I like my dog not to smell like he has been outside all day. If he is going to sleep in bed with us, I don’t want to be smelling grass and poop all night long. He also has an “issue” with the two dogs on the other side of the back fence so we try to keep him inside when we can.

Please don’t call animal rights on me. I love my dog, he has been my buddy this week while Shane is gone. But he better hurry home, at this rate anything is possible. I might feed him Cheez-its and soda, or forget to feed him all together.


2 Responses to “I keep forgetting my dog!”

  1. That’s hilarious. I wish I could have been there to see it! I miss that mangy mutt!

  2. thank you for your work

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