Dance Team

It is a very interesting time of year for my sister and I as the dance team coaches of a local high school. It is coming to the end of an 11 month season, which is a really long season for that age. Teenagers seem to enjoy breaks in their work and finding those with the heart to sustain them through (almost) a nonstop season is tough. We have one of our last two basketball performances tonight. Next Friday they will do their annual “light show” followed by a week of tryouts for next years team, a week off for Spring Break and then two weeks to prep them for their big Spring Show April 1st where they will showcase everything they have done all year including solos and small group dances. It is a great night dedicated totally to them and dancing.

As a coach, and a past member of high school, college and professional dance teams, I love it! I don’t find myself feeling the burn out that I can physically see in some of our girls. We have 5 seniors who are leaving and a couple who are not trying out again for next year. And even with all that change, my sister and I feel an excitement about next year. We went to the Jr. High to talk with all interested 8th grade girls. We brought a DVD and showed them a couple routines we have done this year, gave them some info on what to expect and fielded questions. It was great. We had about 25 or so girls come to the meeting (which is a lot for the size of school we are at). And what is awesome about the 8th grade girls is that they are so excited! They haven’t become so “stressed out” or “over-worked” yet. They look forward to high school and what might lay ahead. They want to be a part of something, they want to work hard and be good. I am not saying we don’t have that in most of our girls but there is a difference in the new ones. It is brand new to them and that brings fresh air to the team. And sometimes, a team that has been together for so long needs fresh air.

But I am such a dork, here I am, 10 plus years older than these girls (ugh!) and I am looking forward to tryouts probably more than they are! It is such a great week! It is so fun to see everyone trying so hard, wanting to be a part of something so bad, and the older girls stepping up with pride like the big sisters. It is fun to see a new team form, talk about what the new year has in store for them and the goals we want to set. It is fun to start thinking about a new team and what will be accomplished in the new year. I can’t wait. I will keep you all posted. March 6th is the big tryout day!


5 Responses to “Dance Team”

  1. I’m looking forward to it too…you and Ashley are great coaches and you have done an amazing job coaching your team up to its potential, not down to its ability.

  2. I really like the new design. Kudos Shane. I love the burnt orange on top. That is one of my favorite colors. You should see our house and you’d know!

  3. Suzanne, I can’t take credit for the design. doesn’t allow you to customize like Blogger does. It’s annoying. I know that Alli would like something snazzier, but this one’s going to have to do for now.

  4. Either way…..I like it. I dig the orange.

  5. […] Before I go, I have a volleyball tournament tomorrow and we’ll see how my ankle handles a day of jumping up and down. Cross your fingers! As for the rest of the weekend…tonight is the Gardner Dance Team’s Light Show…it’s their final performance before their big Spring Show. […]

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