Draw whatever comes to mind

I have been someone interested in personal growth, learning about what interests me and why, and understanding where my journey is at this moment. I have found many things that cultivate knowing one’s self. In my life it has been close and honest relationships with family, drawing, journaling, yoga, observing nature and recognizing my likes and dislikes to search deeper into what brings me joy and what doesn’t. I have learned not to judge my moments, I just try to live in them. I am trying to do that with my art as well, to let myself freely sketch and paint without writing it off as small or unworthy. One practice I have tried more lately is just to let myself write and draw without worrying about the content or images. The importance is just on the pure action of doing it. Keeping creativity flowing in a day where the TV could easily take over my mind on auto pilot. Give yourself moments of silence and reflection. Each day holds something new, let yourself release it.



One Response to “Draw whatever comes to mind”

  1. Very cool. I am so proud of you.

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