Happy Valentines Day


To the inspiration for my site! Shane, Happy Valentines Day to you! You are the most wonderful husband I could have ever wished for and I am so thankful for you! Nothing I write could encompass all that you are but I did want to list a couple things that I love about you.

  • Your laugh
  • You give the best hugs
  • Your appreciation for all kinds of music
  • The joy you sill find in everyday life
  • Your desire to read and learn
  • The way you are with our dog
  • Your talent for public speaking
  • The way you recognize those who need help
  • The love and loyalty you have for family
  • Your belief in my art
  • That you have been the best friend I ever had

Those are just a few reasons you deserve your own fan club! We haven’t even cracked open all the crazy things I do that you deal with! From my “food issues” to my conviction that whatever disease I read about will infect us, you have stood by me. From my obsession with eating Chipotle mulitple times a week to  your faith in launching my business, you have supported me. All my quirks, all my tears, all my crazy high-pitched laughter, you have been at my side.

I love you so much!


One Response to “Happy Valentines Day”

  1. […] It was a good day. I got a great surprise in the morning and Alli and I had a great evening. I know it sounds corny and very boring to a lot of people, but some of my favorite times in the world are those when Alli and I are just sitting around our house with the dog, hanging out and just being together. I think that is what life is all about…those in-between moments…not the daily hustle and bustle. If you can find happiness in those moments, you’re probably going to be OK. I know that I am. […]

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