The Weekend

It was a good weekend. I wasn’t sure it would start that way. We had a church retreat to attend. Friday had been a great day with my sister. We worked on coaching stuff and had lunch and then went to have our “pampering day” (which rocked by the way sibling!) It was all going well and then I got home around 5:00pm to pack up for the retreat and found myself picking a small fight with Shane. It was my way of dealing with not wanting to go. I wanted to watch the Olympics, I wanted to put my sweats on and chill out, I wanted to have something good for dinner. I didn’t want to pack, I didn’t want to sleep on those bunks and I didn’t want to be hungry as I explain all weekend “No, I don’t eat meat…it’s ok, I’ll just eat a cracker…” Dramatic I know, not like a weekend of crackers would kill me.

As these things usually do, it always seems great once you get there. We really had a good time and I am glad we went. Retreats like that give you moments to talk with others you haven’t had the chance to. It puts you in converstations with people you have always wanted to know better or haven’t had the chance to know at all yet. And I love that stuff…personal conversations, about a range of topics. Of course we were tired when we got home Sunday, our backs hurt from the bunk beds and some of us were hungrier then others (me) but it was a good weekend over-all. Thank you to those of you I had the chance to know better. I appreciate the beautiful snow we had all day long as if it made us in the lodge a snow globe. And I am thankful for the chance to change my mind about something. Something that ended up being a good weekend.


2 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. And don’t forget…you did get to have CHIPOTLE on Sunday, so the weekend was immediately improved because of it.

  2. […] Our congregational retreat was this weekend at our campgrounds outside Lawrence…it was a great weekend, one that I really enjoyed once I got there. Brad and Alli both have overviews of what happened. […]

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