Book Review: Dinner With A Perfect Stranger

I wasn’t planning on reading this book this weekend…it just happened. My sister picked it out at the bookstore and she and my dad read it and wanted us to read it so we could talk about it. It is a short book, about 100 pages and it is a fast read. It is about your basic over-worked, over-stressed man, married, a baby at home who has lost touch with God and found comfort in making money and working himself to death at the expense of his family. He gets an invitation to have dinner with Jesus. The story unfolds from there. I won’t share too much but I really enjoyed the book. I didn’t feel like it was “preachy” or full of “do this, don’t do that”. I really felt I was able to take from it what I wanted for my life. It is something interesting to think on and it was a reflective read for me. We all probably wonder what we would ask Jesus if he were sitting right across from us. I know I thought about that when I was reading this.


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