A Weekend At Home.

Shane had a VB tourney in Ames IA (which he sprained his ankle at!) this weekend so Ash and I headed up to Council Bluffs to hang out with our family. It was such a nice weekend of doing nothing! I mean it, it was relaxing and enjoyable and I stayed in sweats…you can’t beat that! There is something about chilling out at “home” that can’t be topped! My dog even loves it too! My parents have the best fireplace and Dreyfuss just lays there and roasts himself. We all call it the “babysitter” b/c he is so good when it is on. We also had great meals (my parents love cooking for us). I read a book while I was there. A small one, about 100 pages but it was good. My mom and I worked on these pillows I have wanted to make for about a year. They turned out great! Thanks Mom! We also rented two movies, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “Stealth”. First one was better than the second but nothing to come close to my top ten. We stayed for the Super Bowl and got home around midnight but it was fun. Overall it was a nice weekend. Best of all was seeing my family!


One Response to “A Weekend At Home.”

  1. I think Stealth was the worst movie I saw last year. i liked the action, but the story was to hookie for me. haven’t seen sisterhood – too much of a girl movie for me.

    how is shane doing – are you guys going to the retreat?

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