Pam and Jim

I love the Office! It really is one of my favorite shows! The dynamics of the characters, the startling similarities to real cubicle life, and the “No he did not just say that” factor makes it genius! But even better yet is Pam and Jim…or as I like to think of them, the believable “Ross and Rachel”. (Let’s be honest, they would have never ended up together!) The tension and friendship between Pam and Jim is just heartbreaking. Among all the humor and crazy moments there is this “Awe” factor between the two of them. But they can’t get together…we all know what will happen…the anticipation of “when will they” is gone and so are the ratings. I don’t know if I would be on that band wagon. I love the characters too much. Note to Jim: I am rooting for you man!


One Response to “Pam and Jim”

  1. Seriously.

    Anyone who has ever worked in an office environment should be watching this show. It is totally awesome.


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