January’s Book Review: Angels and Demons

I am on target! I finished my January book with a few days to spare! I am excited about reading one book a month this year. Shane reads all the time but I am starting off slow with my reading goal.

This was a great book to start with! Fast paced, with the story taking place over 24 hours, it made for a fun and exciting read. I loved the way it made me feel I was learning ancient secrets of the Vatican. I enjoyed the references to all the chapels, sculpture and church history. If I was excited to go to Italy before…this book has just made me all the more ready to see these historical places. I would recommend this book to most with confidence they will enjoy it. Looking forward to reading Da Vinci Code (I already have 20 chapters read!)…great start to 2006 reading list!


One Response to “January’s Book Review: Angels and Demons”

  1. I have read DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons. I was expecting Angels & Demons to lack, after reading DaVinci Code. I assumed that A & D would lack the awesome qualities that I enjoyed so much in DaVinci Code. I was wrong. Angels & Demons was as good, if not better then DaVinci Code, though both were very good. I would have to say that Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors. The next book I am going to read is Deception Point, also by Dan Brown.

    Again, I highly recommend reading Angels & Demons as well as DaVinci Code.

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