Movie Review: Tristan and Isolde

OK, I must admit that this movie had me from the trailer. A passionate, forbidden love put with a great song and then the “movie voice” himself says “Before there was Romeo and Juliet…there was Tristan and Isolde.” SOLD! I am in, one movie ticket please! That is a dangerous expectation though. I enjoyed the movie but I also know I didn’t as much as I wanted to. I really was hoping for it to be magical enought to bump into my top ten but don’t worry old favorites, you all still hold your place. Tristan and Isolde is a good movie and I enjoyed it a lot. And Shane did too, it has enough sword play for the male gender to hang in there.


One Response to “Movie Review: Tristan and Isolde”

  1. I agree. It was a pretty entertaining flick. Good story. Bad acting except for the 3 main characters.

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