Dog Treats Laced With Crack

My mom is the best! She does anything and everything for her family…even her grandson Dreyfuss (our dog). For Christmas she made him these all natural dog treats – she even got a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and a dog bone shaped tin to put them in…soooooo cute! Dreyfuss loves the treats, no, let me say that again, Dreyfuss is now an addict! He sits next to the counter where the “treat tin” is and cries and cries and cries…nonstop!!!! All day long!!! He will even come over to where I am working and paw at me, as if I couldn’t hear the high pitched wimper! He is crazy! Shane even tried them to see what the big deal is (he says they need sugar). We have cut him back to one a day and we are trying to give them to him at the same time everyday so he will learn to wait but he is driving me nuts in the process of his rehab! Keep that oven hot mom…our dog is addicted!


One Response to “Dog Treats Laced With Crack”

  1. It’s kind of scary how he has become addicted. I can only imagine that this is how heroin addicts act around their suppliers.

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