Molly Ringwald

It is funny how a song can transport you into a memory. On my way home this afternoon I kept changing the radio stations until an old familiar song filled the car. Remember “If You Leave” by OMD? It is from the 1986 John Hughes movie Pretty In Pink. You know, the one about Molly Ringwald, the poor but creative outcast going to school with a bunch of rich kids like “Steff” (James Spader’s character…oh yea, he has long hair! God love the ’80’s!) One of the rich kids, “Blane” falls for the girl from the wrong side of the tracks (gasp!) and they beat the odds and make-out in the end! Thinking back to that movie made me laugh today. I remember feeling like I could relate so much more to Molly Ringwald’s character than the blonde, tan, rich girls in the film. Don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t have to make my own prom dress out of two other pink dresses like she did, but I was also not driving a BMW to school or hosting parties in my parents’ mansions. I remember feeling a lot like Molly did; I didn’t care that I wasn’t a part of their “group” or what they thought of me but I always felt that my social standing shouldn’t make me a disease. I remember getting my first pair of Guess jeans (becasue that would surely kick-start my acceptance) and being told there was no way we could afford the real ones, my mom must have gotten a fake patch and sewed it onto K-mart jeans. (that is almost a direct quote from the mean girl in 5th grade) Don’t worry, I am not sitting here with tears in my eyes, I am actually smiling at how ridiculous it all was. But it is also very real at the time it is taking place…man, girls are mean! But leave it to John Hughes to make a teenage movie and set it straight. I even had the weird guy like Duckie who followed me around! Well not exactly like Duckie, he worked in a funeral home and had to pick up dead bodies but that is still strange when you are 17!

Cheers to all the Molly Ringwalds in the world! Celebrate your strange, underprivileged, creative, uncompromising, under-rated selves! Drive your 1987 rusted pontiac Sunbirds with pride because you bought it yourself with your after school job earnings! And if my endorsement doesn’t help…rent the movie!


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