Through The Stomach and Straight To The Heart

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We have all heard some version of the old saying “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Watching the years that my G-ma doted on my G-pa; preparing his breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of their lives, I would not argue with the old theory. Their 63 year marriage was an incredible example of a giving love. So are there ways to give in a small amount, on a daily basis, that involves food? I know that I have an amazing husband that wakes me up each morning with a cup of coffee in bed. Some may see that as small, some may have no problem getting their own cup of coffee but that isn’t the point is it. It is someone else thinking about you, and doing something we all do on a daily basis for us. That is what I believe it is all about anyway, the small, day to day moments that we need to pay attention to. So what do we do?

Project #2 – Food of Love

1. Buy a gift card to your special someone’s favorite eating spot and put it in their wallet without telling them.

2. Pack their lunch for them early in the morning so they don’t have to worry about running around at lunch time.

3. Bring them breakfast in bed, or at least get it started in the morning. We all need a good kick off to our day.

4. Make their favorite meal one night for dinner as a surprise. Maybe do it on an evening after a big day at work or your favorite TV night.

5. If the “Boys” or “Girls” night is being hosted at your home for your special someone’s friends, make sure there are plenty of yummy snacks for all of them to enjoy.

6. Now that the weather is getting nice, choose a weekend and pack a picnic lunch and invite your sweetie to head out to the park with you. Lunch is made – all you need to do is enjoy nature.

These are just a couple of small ideas. Take them as a spring board this week for your own project. The goal is to do something helpful for them involving the meals we all eat everyday. Help make the mundane a little sunnier. One thing I started doing was making homemade granola. Shane’s Grandmother made this recipe for his Grandfather. Then Sidna took over making it for Ray and the family. And now, two batches in, I am making it for Shane. I pack him a bag of it to go with his yogurt for a snack at work. It is something he has adored since childhood and making it for him not only makes him so happy, but it feels good to keep a family favorite alive for him. At the end of the day, it should be about doing little things for the ones we love. Good Luck with your food project! Let me know what you decide to do!


What was indended.

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I am recommitting this blog to The Shane Fan Club. It was established in honor of my husband who inspires me to be the best version of myself everyday. He inspires me to learn, to read, to live a life that is full of enthusiasm and laughter. I want to paint better, cook better and just over all be better because of him.

This site is going to stay focused on building strong relationships through positive expression. I also want to have a lot of interaction with my readers. So to everyone reading – I want to start posting “projects” to inspire you with your significant other. Then you can post your answers, pictures etc. here. Let’s make healthy, fun relationships something to celebrate!

So here is the first project-

If you had to pick one word to describe your special someone – what would it be and why?

For Shane – today I would pick the word ALIVE. He is truly alive in all areas of his life! When he is discussing someone or something, his full being is energized and excited about it. He finds passion in music and food and technology. He reminds me to be alive in my life.

What I Know Today 3.28.08

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• I know that it has – yet again – been a busy week. It kicked off with an extended weekend from Easter. We stayed in CB an extra day and enjoyed Monday with my family. It was awesome! My Mom took me shopping in the morning, we met my Dad for lunch at Valentino’s (Yum-O) and then we headed back home. The beginning of my week was filled with work appointments. We also celebrated Papa Adams’ Birthday at P.F.Changs. I finished up my job at an area school and I even took my first crack at making granola – the famous recipe of Shane’s Grandma Adams. From Monday to Friday – it has been full!

• I know that I have areas of my health that I need to work on. I have really been trying to make some changes over the years. This August will be 3 years of being “Meat-Free” and that has made me feel better. I try hard to eat food in its original state – meaning I don’t make meals out of a box or from the freezer. I have been increasing the number of veggies to the small, but growing, list of veggies that I like. I am taking vitamins and getting lots water. But I have areas that need my attention and new goals need to be formed. I would like to eliminate sugar from my diet. That is pretty huge, I have a sweet tooth. But I will start by limiting it in my day to day life. I also want to eliminate soda (yet again) I feel like an addict that gets on and off the wagon. I am currently 48 hours clean. I would also like to make a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day a part of my routine – something that I don’t even think about. With the suggested time being bumped to 60 minutes I day, I know I need to up it but if I could do the 30 for now, that would make a huge difference. I also need to eat less. I shouldn’t eat as much as Shane does everyday and I do! I need to eat to live, not the other way around. But food is kind of an issue for me (as made obvious by this public spouting) so wish me luck!

• I know I have some serious guilty pleasures at the moment! In time that I should be reading some of the great books I got for Christmas or journaling, I am doing this:

– Dancing around the basement to the new Danity Kane CD.

– Watching too many TV shows at night. When Shane turns to me and asks if we can limit some of the shows we are watching, you know I have a problem.

– I am spending way too much time on the internet looking for new haircuts. I am obsessed with the decision to cut my hair or grow it back and I have wasted lots of hours in pursuit of a new look.

• I know that my Dance Season of 2008-2009 starts up tomorrow! We are having a full Saturday practice to learn our routine we are taking to perform at summer camp. We have a choreographer coming in and we are really excited. It hit me the other night that I now have Seniors on my team. Very special seniors, four ladies of which I am going to miss terribly. I am forewarning my readers – this year may be sappy for me.

So to recap, I have new health goals so don’t ask me to get ice cream with you, I am taking suggestions about my hair cut – feel free to send photo ideas, and I advise anyone who wants to dance around like a crazy video vixen (probably while home alone ) – buy Danity Kane’s new CD. Looking forward to the weekend – I wish you all wonderful moments with friends and family. I leave you with a quote from Brad’s Blog.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim to low, and achieving our mark.”


What I Know Today 3.18.08

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• I know that it is “Spring Break” in my suburbia – but I know, like summer time,  it no longer feels like anything different to me. Although, I will say, it makes crossing my street in the morning much easier since the school down the road isn’t in session. It also made my job at an area school really easy – no kiddos running under my scaffolding!

• I know that Easter is upon us – which means the invasion of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. The may be perfection in a small yellow package, they are at least my favorite egg. Jen, this is not helping my weight loss! Can someone help me remember I am going to be in Jamaica in less then 3 months!

• I know that I am on a Coaching “break” right now. We had an amazing Spring Show and we are on break until April. But I will say, I miss my girls terribly! They bring a lot of joy to my days. I am looking forward to seeing them all again!

• I know I am thrilled that TV shows are back! We got to watch “How I Met Your Mother” and “Big Bang Theory” last night! It was fun to have a sitcom on instead of a reality show. Not to confuse my love for the greats like “ANTM”, “Top Chef” and “Dancing With The Stars”.

• I know dinner rocked tonight! Shane made a brand new one for us tonight. He is the best, always searching for meals his vegetarian wife can eat along side his “Red-meat-free-until-Memorial Day” dishes. He read about this really healthy red lentil recipe and he recreated it along with rice for me, chicken for him. It was fantastic! Add another option to our meal plans!

• I know I am so happy for my brother, Kelly and Baby I. – they just moved into their new home and it is so beautiful! I wish they lived closer because I know we would hang out all the time together if they did, but I am so happy for them. Moving into your first home is very exciting!

In honor of an amazing movie we saw recently (The Bucket List) I leave you with this quote to think about. Have great joy in your days to come…

“Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, ‘Did you bring joy?’ The second was, ‘Did you find joy?”

Dr. Leo Buscaglia

What I Know Today…what I like about my readers.

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Comment on this entry, and I will:

Tell you why I am friends with you.
Associate you with something – fandom, a song, a color, a photo, a word etc.
Tell you something I like about you.
Tell you a memory I have of you.
Ask something I’ve always wanted to know about you.
In return, you must post this to your own journal/blog.

Thank you Rachel for this! What a cool idea! I commented on Rachel’s blog with this and learned a lot about her thoughts of me. Thank you for the sweet comment about my Senior Art Show! And to answer your question about painting everyday – no, I don’t. I try to do something creative everyday – maybe it is just sketching and sometimes it is painting but I try to keep the creative expression flowing.

I am looking forward to sharing with all of you!


I am friends with you for so many reasons but what I will say is that you are my dearest and most wonderful best friend that I have ever had!

Right away, I associate you with a passion for life, movies, photography, constant learning, enthusiasm, a love of music and an unending well of love for me.

Something I like about you would be your hugs!

A memory I have of you would be seeing you stand up and talk for the first time in our Friendship and Dating Class over Winter-term my Freshman year. I was so drawn to you at that moment, you were so articulate and interesting to me.

I want to know, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate that I am a vegetarian?


I am friends with you because you were such a good HP to me my freshmen year of college! I was really home sick and having a hard time finding my place on the hall and you offered me a great friendship! I will never forget that!

I associate you with music – your gifts in both singing and playing instruments – and now how you are bringing music into the lives of young children and families in your business.

Something I like about you is the way you parent R. I think you are a fantastic mom and you have made choices to free up your time for him, to teach him, to be with him and expose him to great things and he is the coolest little boy for it.

Two of my memories would be from college. I remember thinking your Dad was a catholic priest and yelling LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORA across campus whenever I would see you! So funny!

I want to know what profession you would do if you couldn’t have music involved.


I am friends with you because you have a very accepting and peaceful spirit about you. You have a calming effect on me and I really appreciate that.

I associate you with knitting beautiful items and always being willing to share yourself with others.

I really admire the transformation you have gone through. Not only in the weight loss but with the internal confidence you have found and your determination to meet your goals. You are inspiring me to look at this in a new way.

A memory I have of you would be my favorite one so far. It isn’t very old but it moved me the most. I loved the evening that we watched Katie you came to pick her up and you gave me this great scarf you had knit. I was so shocked and moved. I LOVE that scarf…I love scarves in general and it was so thoughtful of you to make one for me. I think of your kindness every time I put it on.

One thing I would like to know about you is what was your first date with Ben like?


I am friends with you way beyond reasons of family. I have always wanted a brother – I used to ask my parents to give me a big brother but that wasn’t going to happen…until you. You may be younger in age but you are the coolest big brother to me. What I mean by that is you have a great and wonderful loyalty to others and you are someone who makes those you love feel protected and supported. Not to mention you can make me laugh so hard!

I associate you with strong sensitivity, humor for life, music and photography. You are a fantastic cook, you are brave about trying new things and you are very creative.

I like so many things about you but lately, I have really enjoyed watching you in the role of Dad. You have a beautiful daughter and you are a great father. It is so cool to watch you with her – it makes me smile from the inside out.

A memory I have of you would involve the number 21. On Shane’s 21st Birthday you made me laugh harder then ever singing Happy Birthday to him in about 19 different languages. The other would be on your 21st Birthday – again you made me laugh so hard that night – either from the top of a table or from the floor of my bathroom.

I have always wanted to know what your true dream in your heart is. What are you the most passionate about?


I have been friends with you since back in the day of Guthrie Grove Camps! Through College and now as adults, I have always enjoyed your company! You greet me with wonderful smiles and hugs. You are a wonderful person to talk to – you really listen to people and what they are going through. It feels good to be around you!

I associate you with fun short hair cuts all your life, the color pink and the song “She’s In Love With The Boy”. You are the coolest stocker I know!

A memory I have of you would be your wedding day. I am sure that you were the happiest bride I have ever seen and I will never forget that look on your face to be marrying the man of your dreams.

I want to know if you ever get homesick for Iowa like I do – well, more for family and less for the actual state.

I am friends with you because you were Eric’s friend at church and God knows I had a huge crush on him when I was little. When my Dad finished being pastor we moved back to CBC and you became such a good friend to me – like a brother. I have known you for about 20 years!

I associate you with a calmness and control. You have both of those qualities in every area of you life and I admire you for it. You are someone I think always does the right thing.

I like what a great family man you are with L and R. You have really put a lot into making this amazing unit. You provide for them in a great way, you spend time together traveling and being outdoors.

I remember lots of things from being kids together – times at Guthrie would alway be there. I remember playing the flute with you at church (argh!) I remember skipping conference at church and hiding in the tunnel under neath the choir loft, I remember our trip to Worlds of Fun.

I want to know what your dream job is. I know you love photography but I’m not sure if you wanted to do it as a living so…what is your dream job?

What I Know Today 2.18.08

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• I know that I am happy to be on the upside of this JUNK that is going around! I felt horrible for more then 3 days and I am on the upside now. I had done a pretty good job until last week – Ashley had been sick, all my Dance Team girls are coughing and taking turns being ill. I had loaded up on Airborne and extra Vitamin C but low and behold – I finally weakened. But man does it feel good to be better!

• I know that I love this time of year with my Dance Team. It usually is bitter sweet because we are coming up on tryouts which signals the end to our seniors – but lucky for me, I don’t have ANY seniors this year! No tears! I am getting all my girls back for next year and that is awesome! We go to perform at Mill Valley tomorrow night since Gardner plays there. We have a combo routine with their dance team – 34 girls on the floor – it should be really fun. Then Wednesday we start our tryout week. Monday we tryout and get our new team. We have 15 girls returning, I wonder who and how many new ones we will get. Then the week after that we prep for our huge Spring Show on March 8th! I LOVE Spring Show! So fun!

• I know that the Oscars are going to happen! The Strike is over! Red Carpet Party here we come!

• I know I have some Christmas gift cards burning a hole in my pocket! It is time to shop people – but I don’t have any time! Hopefully soon.

• I know that “Definitely Maybe” is a cute date movie. Go ahead and feel good about buying your ticket to see that one.

What I Know Today 2.7.08

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• I know that my last living Grandparent – G-pa Davidson – just turned 90 this week. What an amazing life he has had. I know he is very lonely in his life right now but I admire him for the life he has led all these years. Here is to 91 for your G-pa!

• I know that I am a proud wife right now. When Shane first talked to me about buying a cow for Heifer International I must say that I was doubtful. How would he raise the money, and if he didn’t, I knew he was so passionate about the cause that WE would be buying the cow and I wasn’t ready to shell out the $500.00. But the coolest part about Shane is that he was. He believed in the cause, he believed in his readers and that their hearts would be open to help the less fortunate. I am so impressed with the response of his readers/family/friends and I am also so proud of how he put himself on the line and sacrificed one of his great loves for a larger cause. I don’t think many of you understand the pain this man will go through until the end of May – this man loves meat! But he is being so great about it. He never complains. I am just so excited to see someone believe in an idea and have faith in others to help it succeed.

• I know I am grateful for friends. Shane and I have had two dinners this week with different friends and it has been so enjoyable to engage in conversations over the dinner table. TV off, voices on, – good food and laughter!

• I know that I have successfully kept basil alive in my house for almost a week. Shane and I love making bruschetta – (I wonder why?) so instead of re-buying fresh basil each time the craving hits, we bought the “living” basil at the store and decided to keep it alive and growing. It is looking great! And I love that we have this living herb that we can pull from, cook with and regrow. Pretty cool! Now, I just need to do the same with Cilantro – man I love that stuff!

• I know I have been humbled in the last couple of weeks through a few experiences, conversations and moments with myself. It sounds funny – but I am thankful to have been knocked down a notch and ready to refocus. Thank you to all those circumstances.

• I know I appreciate friends that get me referrals for work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!